By Poppy Rushforth

You’re heavenly and sugar sweet and lined with clouds and your mouth is rose petals on my bed and all you’ve said is blistering bubbles of gold that pop in the air

Your hair is winding up trees finding sunbeams to tear through the dust in my brain the dust of everything that isn’t you but will never not be again I am rust and you are the rain

You’re in whispers and breezes and the breath before sneezes you rumble in the ground and go down to the core you want more you are more every pore on your skin all over your body is a diamond mine and time makes it brighter it makes me blind

From birth to death I seek your breath filling my mouth pushing me out blowing me up until I’m enough for me until I’m free and look down and you’re on your knees and my tears are silver beads around your feet

I gather them. Make a chain. Put it around your neck.