Hofesh Shechter’s wild and unique show Sun ran for only three days at Sadler’s Wells in London. For those who saw it, it was unforgettable. Shechter’s brand of contemporary dance provides more than a show, it is an experience. Writing both the movement and the music, Shechter builds on repetition and stop-and-start choreography to produce a a piece which is both predictable and unnerving. He begins with a flashforward to the ending, a pastoral scene which, as the voice over assures us means and that “it’s all going to be just fine”. However, even this gets the alarm bells ringing. Throughout the work Shechter plays with ideas of light and dark, black and white to explore issues of injustice of war. Many argue that it has a clear message about white supremacy and unjust violence however, for me, the purpose seemed more abstract. I came away stunned, not only in awe of the dancers but, shaken by the experience. To me, Shechter’s aim was simply to rattle, disturb and jar. And this he did. It was like nothing else.

By Stevie Back